Globalization makes us closer, and farther, creating extreme convergence and divergence.

The global world, in its current version, is an old-school and non-sustainable world.

Our choice is a Cornelian one: defend who we are, in the hatred of others; be more inclusive, by losing our own authenticity.

The current context is a paradox: by opening the world, we standardize it; by accessing the world, we remove its authenticity.

The stakeholders of tomorrow will be part of their tribe: authenticity, localness and diversity are no longer facts. They are now needs.

As identities are challenged, their sustainability becomes a major concern worldwide.

It is time to engage for cultural sustainability, to reduce the gaps between local and global people, to make the settled and the nomads need each other again.

It is time to think post-globalized era, to promote post-global localness, otherness and collectiveness.