Globalization makes us closer, and farther.

Globalization creates extreme convergence, and divergence.

The global world is already old-school.

A non-responsible global world is a non-sustainable world.

Defend who we are, in the hatred of others; be more inclusive, by losing our own authenticity and exclusiveness. Something had to be done.

We reduce the gaps between local and global.

We make the settled and the nomads need each other again.

We think post-globalized era.

We promote post-global localness, otherness and collectiveness.

The current context is a paradox: by opening the world, we standardize it, and by accessing the world, we remove its authenticity.

The stakeholder of tomorrow will be part of his/her tribe: authenticity and collectiveness will become a need in an aseptic and individual world.

As the local, regional and national identities are challenged, the sustainability of cultures becomes a major concern for societies worldwide. We help you tackle those challenges in the most responsible and valuable way.