Globalization was said to make all of us closer. Let us think again the globalized era and its outcomes on people.

Globalization is not leading people(s) towards a unique track. Globalization is already at stake.

A non-responsible globalization is a non-sustainable globalization. The current ways of globalizing the world are leading to the deglobalization of this world.

Today some defend and protect who they are, but in the reject of the others. Today some others become more inclusive, but by losing their own exclusiveness.

Globalization creates both extreme convergence and divergence. Let us not choose between the two.


Let us reduce the gaps between the local and the global. Let us make the settled and the nomads need each other again.

Globalization had a start and will have an end. Let's think post-globalized era.

We are humans not because we are individuals with big brains. Localness, otherness and collectiveness are our humanity.

Our own authenticity relies in the authenticity of someone else. Destroying otherness is destroying ourselves in the long run.


Globalization is a paradox. By opening the world, we standardize it, and by accessing the world, we remove its authenticity.

The open world's last childs are identity claims. Collective identities are challenged and the sustainability of the cultures becomes a major concern for societies worldwide.

People need authenticity when the world becomes aseptic, need communities when the world becomes individualistic, need identity when the world becomes standardized and need heritage when the world becomes the future.

The consumers of such a world are every day more close to their local/regional/national identities. The responsibility of our generation is to make those claims more responsible, sustainable and peaceful.

Let us be considered in our collectiveness, culturalness, otherness and localness. Let us consider the stakeholder of the tomorrow as part of his/her tribe.