Since the start of the initiative in 2016, Originals provided pioneering and unique consulting services around cultural sustainability worldwide.

We are continuously expanding our pool of experts in cultural sustainability & corporate strategies.

We develop trainings, tools and strategies on cultural sustainability challenges for people, companies, local governments and organizations.

In 2023, we operate in Japan, France, Greece, Norway and Saudi Arabia.

Why make human life sustainable if there is no humanity anymore ?

Tokyo 2020 – ESGs & Local Cultures
Partnership with NELIS Global & its network of 10 000+ social innovators
Corfou 2020 – Sustainable Management of Local Cultures
Chios 2021 – Cultural Sustainability Walkshops with Mastic Liquor Makers
Athens 2022 – Unlocked Conversations
Tokyo 2018 – Training on Cultural Strategies for ESG teams
Amsterdam 2019 – Cultural Sustainable Visited Cities